Indica Labs Introduces Novel HALO AP Dx Digital Pathology Platform

Indica Labs has introduced the HALO AP Dx, an advanced enterprise digital pathology platform. This authorisation allows HALO AP Dx to be used with the Hamamatsu NanoZoomer® S360MD Slide scanner for in-vitro diagnostic applications, setting the stage for future compatibility with other FDA-approved slide scanners.

HALO AP Dx has revolutionised the handling of digital pathology images for pathologists and researchers worldwide. Designed to meet the sophisticated needs of modern pathology laboratories, HALO AP® and HALO AP Dx offer a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools and features for precise and efficient image analysis, management, and collaboration.

Supporting remote work and consultations, HALO AP Dx addresses the growing number of cases and the ongoing pathologist shortage. With immediate slide accessibility post-scanning, pathology labs can maintain continuous service and facilitate global collaboration without the need for physical slide shipment.

This FDA clearance empowers US pathologists to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses, speeding up treatment plan development and ensuring quicker patient care. HALO AP Dx serves as a centralised platform for primary diagnosis, collaboration, tumour boards, and second opinions.

Its powerful integration engine brings together various functionalities, creating a robust diagnostic workspace and collaborative hub. This environment fosters innovation, adaptability, and future AI readiness, underscoring the commitment to enhancing patient care by optimising pathology practises and supporting both current and emerging technologies.

Users can customise the platform to their specific needs and seamlessly integrate it into existing laboratory workflows, crafting a bespoke digital pathology environment suitable for various pathologic specialities, including those with unique technical requirements.