B2B Lead Generation Strategy through Content Syndication

Harness the Power to Boost Branding & Demand Generation


With AsianHHM’s vast reach and established partnerships, we guarantee maximum visibility and impact for your content, ensuring it reaches the right audience. Our channels distribute your valuable content like white papers, case studies, articles, eBooks, and more to a diverse network of healthcare professionals, decision-makers, and industry experts across Asia.


Our Content Syndication Lead Generation Program comes with:

  • Expand your brand's reach and visibility within the thriving healthcare industry across Asia.
  • Generate high-quality leads from a targeted audience of healthcare professionals.
  • Enhance your thought leadership and industry expertise by sharing valuable content.
  • Strengthen your brand reputation and establish trust with potential customers.
  • Drive engagement and conversions through compelling content that resonates with your target audience.

Content Syndication Performance Metrics

Conversion Rate/ Content Consumption Rate


Return on Investment (ROI)

Subject to Project Vision, viz: Lowering CPL & CPA

Lead Generation

75 (vetted & verified in 25 days), other combinations available.

Brand Awareness

15% increase in Branded Search Volume 30% increase in Direct Traffic


Content Syndication Audience Metrics

Job Profiles

  • Corporate Management- 35%
  • Middle Management- 15%
  • Scientific Management- 30%
  • Scientific Research- 15%
  • Others- 5%

*Disclaimer – The above percentages are as per the average audience breakup (geography & job titles) that our client’s typically ask for. We are capable to customise the audience mix as per your vision.


Capabilities & Operational Excellence

Content Syndication with Account Based Marketing

AsianHHM offers account-based marketing (ABM) approach, providing an alternative to conventional B2B strategies. In ABM we help our clients concentrate their sales and marketing efforts on carefully selected target accounts. With our experience in utilizing personalized campaigns tailored to each account, ABM ensures a meaningful and resonating message.


AsianHHM’s microsite program ensure that your marketing bottom lines are met through the most granular content centric outreach channels. The targeted audience wouldn’t be expected to traverse through a diverse range of content that your website offers, rather the visitor’s focus is confined to a specific set of pages. Implementing different CTAs across the many pages of the microsite you gets valuable insight of visitor’s behaviour and trends.

Features & Capabilities

  • Designing, Development and Promotions
  • Available Audience Segment that matches popular campaign requirement
  • High reachability, & Engagements.
  • Support all the popular Display devices.
  • Promotions across a wide range of distribution channels.
  • Insightful Performance Analytics & Consultation.


Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council
Greiner Bio One
Fuji Xerox
The Economist
Systems Acuity Information