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Our weekly newsletter is a curated collection of exclusive and high-quality content delivered to our subscribers regularly. It covers the latest industry updates and offers valuable insights, reaching an impressive audience of over 180,000 business contacts. If you are seeking to enhance your brand equity, expand market presence, or execute successful product launches, AsianHHM's Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship opportunities provide an ideal solution. With greater campaign control and measurable results, this option ensures an effective and impactful advertising strategy for your brand.

Targeted and Measurable Newsletter Advertising with
Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management (AHHM)

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Audience Targeting

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Features & Capabilities

  • 180K Opt-in Subscribers
  • Supports all the popular Display devices.
  • Subscribers include a wide variety of designations to choose from.
  • Newsletter Sponsoring & Ad- space services available.
  • High reachability, Open Rates & CTRs.
  • Insightful Performance Analytics & Consultation.

Reliable & Affordable means to reach you Target Audience

Asian Hospital & Healthcare Management (AsianHHM)
Newsletter Advertising

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